If it’s broken – report it!

Boaters met with Mark Stephens, the K and A Manager, a few months ago and discussed many issues about facilities and maintenance. There is now a phone number to report breakages and other problems with water taps, sanitary facilities, rubbish bins etc. The number is 01380 722859. Mark said that he’d rather get several reports of a problem than not know about it. He explained that an engineering inspection of the canal is carried out once a month, but this does not cover the condition of facilities like Elsan points, pumpouts and taps. So if you find sanitary, water or rubbish facilities are broken, misused or have equipment such as hoses or padlocks missing – report them!!

The Elsan disposal at Dundas has now re-opened, after being closed since last November for investigation and repair to the building. The pump out was moved and put back into service after complaints from boaters, though not the Elsan.

Mark reported that repairs had been done to eroded banks in several places and that further bank repairs were planned at Kintbury, Little Bedwyn, Semington and Whaddon.

The discussion also covered recent accidents involving hire boats that might have been prevented by more comprehensive instruction at the start of the holiday. If you are concerned that a hire boat (or any boat) is being used unsafely, report it to CRT on the same number, 01380 722859, with the name of the company, the details of the incident and the location.

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One Response to “If it’s broken – report it!”

  1. ranting_nick MonsterID Icon ranting_nick says:

    Elsan at Pewsey broken 17-1-2014. E-mail from CRT, fixed lunchtime today 21-1-2014.
    E-mail address for letting K&A engineering staff know of outages/broken stuff:

    …and a heartfelt “thanks” to them for fixing it quick.