Another local government report condemns CRT’s treatment of liveaboards without moorings

This time it’s the London Assembly, which held an inquiry into boats and mooring on London’s waterways earlier this year. The report, published last week, condemns CRT for its failure to provide adequate water, sanitary and rubbish disposal facilities for the increased number of liveaboard boaters without home moorings in London. The report also criticises CRT for concreting over long stretches of towpath that could have provided mooring space, which would have spread boats out and eased any congestion at places suitable for boats to tie up.

The London Assembly takes a dim view of CRT’s hostile attitude to continuous cruisers and its draconian enforcement policies. It also condemns the mooring auctions introduced unilaterally by Sally Ash in 2007 which have dramatically inflated mooring fees in London, making them unaffordable for many.

The report makes a number of recommendations; CRT revealed its reluctance to implement these in an interview with the BBC which is online here

You can download the report here Moorings report agreement draft FINAL

The report and evidence submitted to the inquiry are on the London Assembly web site here

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