Boat Fire Safety talk, 10th April, Avoncliff

There will be a Boat Fire Safety talk by Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service on Sunday 10th April at 7.30pm in the Cross Guns, Avoncliff BA15 2HB. This is an opportunity to get to one of these if Monday evenings are difficult. There will be free smoke and CO alarms.

Among the safety tips that firefighters will be sharing with boaters are:

*Fit a suitable smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm.
*Make a fire action plan.
*Take extreme care when refuelling with petrol or changing gas cylinders.
*Avoid using portable gas equipment on-board, where possible, and store all gas canisters in special gas lockers or open places where any leaks will flow overboard.
*Routinely check items such as battery terminals and fuse box connections for damaged strands or signs of overheating.
*Take care when doing repairs, and keep interiors well ventilated when using adhesives, paints and spirit based products.

This will probably be the last Boat Fire Safety Talk for now. If you haven’t been able to get to any of the talks, you can contact Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service on 01380 732972 to arrange a boat fire safety visit. For more information contact or 07928 078208.

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