Boater writes cruising log app

A boater has come up with an innovative solution to the problem of inaccurate boat sighting information by CRT leading to enforcement action. John Quinlan has written an app called CruisingLog that uses GPS to record your boat movements. CRT use GPS when they take boat sightings, so the information that this app records can be cross referenced with CRT’s sightings to prove that you have travelled further than CRT may allege.


With boat sightings being taken every two weeks, it is possible that CRT may have an inaccurate record of your boat movements. This is especially important for those within the area covered by the K&A Interim 12-month Local Plan, Bath to Devizes, who may need to prove that they have travelled through more ‘neighbourhoods’ than CRT have sightings for.

You can find out about CruisingLog here

See also John Quinlan’s article here

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    I am trying to download the cruising log app but without any joy can you help me. Thank you roy