Boaters are invited to Wilts Council Area Board meeting

As you may know, the Traveller Liaison Officer of Wiltshire council attended our meeting in the Canal Tavern on the BW consultations recently.

We have now been invited by Councillor Malcolm Hewson, the Councillor for Bradford South and Chair of the council’s Area Board, to attend the Area Board meeting on 21st January so that we can obtain the support of local parish and other representatives in this part of Wiltshire. He has also asked us to put our concerns in public to BW, as Damian Kemp of BW will also be there.

The meeting is at Holt Parish hall at 7pm on 21st January. The address is 335 The Street, Holt BA14 6QH.

Cllr Hewson has suggested that as many boaters as possible try to attend this meeting, in order to put the maximum pressure on BW. There would be room for quite a lot of us – up to about 30 or 40.

Please can you let us know if you can attend.

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2 Responses to “Boaters are invited to Wilts Council Area Board meeting”

  1. Paul Biddy MonsterID Icon Paul Biddy says:

    Malcolm sounds like a very nice man indeed. West Wilts Council (and B&ANES) were very helpful to me when BW issued an injunction attempting, in part, to stop me talking a walk along the towpath or visiting any body on a boat. They provided maps showing that the towpath from Bath to Bradford is a public right of way. This part of the injunction was later withdrawn by BW. Other parts of the injunction are currently being defended 🙂

  2. Look forward to seeing you in Holt Village Hall. I have been speaking to a boating rep to ensure that in a packed meeting you get the chance to air your concerns and seek support.

    Malcolm Hewson, Bradford and District Area Board Chair.