Boaters Voices (must be silenced)

Appparently Sally Ash is less than happy with the lovely film Boater’s Voices, made by Wiltshire Council and, for me at least, evidence that there may be summer again.

She has written to Wiltshire Council complaining that CRT’s voice was not heard, the strident and piercing voice that can be heard in any of Ms Ash’s official outpourings, and is absent from this film.

Her email can be read here.

Wiltshire Voices Live aboard Boaters

We also hear that she has offered Kennet and Avon Boating Community a voice in any of her future press releases… (NOT).

It is our belief that she objects to the opening words; “There was a kingfisher on the prow of my boat this morning” as everybody knows kingfishers will soon be illegal under the Waterways Act 2018.

On a more serious note, it has been pointed out that the statistics in the film were mostly gathered by ourselves and very few come from BW / CRT. It is disappointing that Sally Ash is prepared to state publicly that these boaters pose a problem to local people and services but produce no evidence to support these claims.

For those who have missed it;

Part 1

Part 2

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One Response to “Boaters Voices (must be silenced)”

  1. April Dickinson MonsterID Icon April Dickinson says:

    Hi Kennet & Avon community. I just wanted to say that the Wiltshire voices film was really well done, and raises many of the concerns that we have on the Grand Union (and probably all other liveaboards all over). That’s it really. Apes