British Waterways procedure…

and a couple of snippets of the ol’ goss.

Obtained by Freedom of Information Act requests, here’s the documents issued to patrol officers dictating the procedures and decision making process regarding the issue of CC1, CC2 and CC3 letters and removal of licence.

Flowchart 1
Flowchart 2

Spot the illegal act folks. Answers on a comment, first one in gets a pint.

o, yes, the gossip, well, come closer;
Martin “my name’s” Skinner is leaving, we hear his replacement is Matt Preston…
…and this one, which unfortunately does not appear at present to be true but here’s hoping, that Sally ‘Final Solution’ Ash has been sacked over her handling of the Kennet and Avon consultation debacle.

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3 Responses to “British Waterways procedure…”

  1. Cris Malarchist MonsterID Icon Cris Malarchist says:

    It was too easy. Tho’ making sense of a pdf on a mobile phone screen, which chops the sentences up and rearranges them in a strangely non- consecutive fashion is nigh on impossible. Which makes a mockery of any claims to “accessibility” from the BW site downloads section.

  2. admin MonsterID Icon admin says:

    You are.

    Was it too easy? Or are you just very clever?

    Either way a pint of your favourite tipple is coming your way.

    We would also hold that burying the time period deep in the body of a letter does not constitute legal notice. Compare it with the way a Section 8 notice is worded.

  3. Cris Malarchist MonsterID Icon Cris Malarchist says:

    Only allowing 14 days for the fault to be remedied. Should be 28 days by law. BW are arguing that because the boater has been in contact with them since the issuing of the first notice that this is irrelevant.

    Am I right ??