BW never intended K and A mooring strategy meetings to continue

 On 28 November 2011,  BW’s Damian Kemp informed members of the Local Mooring Strategy Steering Group by email that there would be no more meetings and that BW would complete the Mooring Strategy in-house. Yet this message has turned out to be entirely dishonest – BW had already planned in September 2011 that the October 2011 meeting was to be the last. Extracts from Sally Ash’s monthly Boating Team reports obtained in a Freedom of Information request for internal documents about the Local Mooring Strategy reveal that the disbanding of the group was planned in September, yet no-one at the meeting on 11 October was told about this. In fact, the Steering Group was led to believe that there would be further meetings after October.

The FOI request also revealed that BW’s Sally Ash and Damian Kemp held a meeting with Bath and NE Somerset Council on 8 December 2011 which included the Council’s Director of Children’s Services, Equalities and Diversity Manager, Principal Solicitor, Senior Planning Policy Officer and the Supporting People/Planning and Partnership Manager Ann Robins, whose work includes preventing homelessness, preventing the break-up of strong communities and supporting vulnerable communities.

Here are the extracts from the Boating Team reports K+A extracts from monthly internal boating reports

Here are the minutes of the meeting with BaNES Council BANES meeting notes 8 Dec 2011

 You can download all the information provided by BW in response to the FOI request here:

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One Response to “BW never intended K and A mooring strategy meetings to continue”

  1. admin MonsterID Icon admin says:

    From the BANES meeting minutes;

    “Ashley recounted that the council had installed a temporary classroom at Bathampton Primary School a couple of years ago because with the added intake of boaters’ children they needed more room – this temporary measure has now been made permanent.”

    sounds a little unlikely to me, how many children are we talking about here, and why has nothing been said about this before?