BW to finish mooring strategy without any more meetings

BW has decided unilaterally that there will be no more meetings of the local mooring strategy steering group and the mooring strategy will be completed in-house. In a message to the steering group members, Damian Kemp said “Please find attached a ‘progression’ document. It details how we intend to get from where we are now to a completed and implemented strategy. I’d just like to make it clear that I’m circulating this for information rather than discussion – by all means let me know your thoughts but we firmly believe this is the most effective and efficient route to take.”

BW’s justification of this move and the timetable for completion are in the ‘progression’ document below.

When asked by the representatives of unaffiliated boaters on the steering group, Mr Kemp confirmed that BW will carry out an Equality Impact Assessment, which is a legal requirement. Here are the minutes of the last Local Mooring Strategy Steering Group meeting on 11 October, which have not been agreed by all members of the group.

KA LMSSG Minutes 11 Oct 2011

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