China, South Africa now the River Lea

Another BW press release which puts the Sally Ash operation in perspective – we seem to remember there was an outcry in this country when the Chinese cleared what they saw as undesirables before the Olympics — and again when South Africa hosted the World Cup.

Boating in London during the Olympic Games

Boaters interested in visiting London during the 2012 Olympic Games will be able to pre-book BW visitor moorings more than a year in advance when a when a web-based booking system for visitor moorings goes live in April 2011 to coincide with ticket applications for the Games themselves.

Pre-booked moorings will be available at key locations across London. These are likely to include simple towpath moorings on the Capital’s canals and River Lee as well as both unserviced and more expensive serviced berths in Docklands.

Research conducted at the end of last year suggests that there will be strong demand for moorings in London during the Olympic summer and well over 500 people have already registered to receive further information about securing visitor moorings.

Sally Ash, head of boating at BW, comments: “We are looking forward to welcoming visiting boats to London during summer 2012 and want to make sure the waterways are right at the heart of the Olympic party. Our canals, rivers and docks are perfect bases to discover the capital, with many also having easy access to the Olympic Park.”

Scheduled to go live on 11 April 2011, boaters who register or have already registered their details at will automatically be emailed inviting them to browse the available mooring sites, book and pay. Moorings will be available on a first come first served basis.

Games ticket applications open for six weeks from 15 March to 26 April 2011 (there is no advantage to submitting your Games ticket application on the first day or the last day). For information on Olympics tickets visit

In order to manage the London canal network efficiently at this busy time and ensure moorings are reserved for those who have booked them, there will be a ‘controlled zone’ for several weeks throughout the Olympic summer. Visiting boats will only be able to enter with a confirmed booking of a visitor mooring (with BW, another operator or individual) or a home mooring.

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3 Responses to “China, South Africa now the River Lea”

  1. Capn. MonsterID Icon Capn. says:

    No,temporarily moving some boats (160 in my area alone, 5 hours cruise from the olympic site) is not that harsh, but using this to change laws/rules to extort money from boaters, that will stand long after the olympics is gone is bad business. These boats would be quite happy to leave if they had an alternative mooring. They are also being forced to pay a full license fee when access to the rest of country, and the ability to pass through the olympic moorings to leave the system will be prohibited. They are all being told to move constantly around the small area left non-stop. And pay an extra £3500 for a mooring they cant legally use to be able to stay in that area.

  2. Chris (Barney) MonsterID Icon Chris (Barney) says:

    To be honest, this seems fair enough. Many businesses have been hoiked out of their premises for good, to make way for Olympic buildings.

    Temporarily moving some boats around – which can ultimately return – can’t be that harsh can it?