Christmas competition!

So, it’s nearly Christmas and we have another fun competition for you. The first person who sends us the right answers to all four questions before 1st January 2014 wins a lifetime’s free subscription to this web site and a yummy bar of chocolate. Put your answers on a comment below or email them to or text 07928 078208. There will be mystery bonus prizes if the editorial team think the wit, ingenuity and humour in your answers deserves them!

1. Who is this?


A. Robin Evans
B. Lord Voldemort
C. Richard Parry

2. Who is this?


A. Jacques Cousteau
B. Mark Stephens
C. Brad Pitt

3. Who is this?


A. Cruella De Vil
B. Dolores Umbridge
C. Sally Ash

4. Who is this?


A. Nigel Johnson
B. Nigel Moore
C. Nigel Farage

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10 Responses to “Christmas competition!”

  1. sixtimes MonsterID Icon sixtimes says:

    stick up too bullys .noticed cart as got rid ov certain ppl working for them .maybe cus they is dishonest.glad that nigel moore won is case. i soppse the truth always comes out in the end.happy new year ppl.apart from cart go **** ur self

  2. elibugler MonsterID Icon elibugler says:

    This is a bit childish isn’t it? If bullying is wrong, then the bullying of anyone is wrong. Poor show.

    • Oldie MonsterID Icon Oldie says:

      not sure who you mean – me bulying nigel johnson? the web site bullying sally ash, rich parry etc? or the editor bullying me and the others … ?

    • Neil Unwin MonsterID Icon Neil Unwin says:

      Correct Eli, KANDA do alot better when they grab the legal and moral high ground, rather than lowering themselves to personal attacks. Six of one and half a dozen of the other springs to mind.

  3. Editor MonsterID Icon Editor says:

    Sadly nobody got all the answers right and the bar of chocolate remains unclaimed. We continue to offer free subscriptions to this web site – just sign up using the form in the top right corner of the page. Oldie, that wasn’t very nice. ranting_nick, nice try but not good enough. Sixtimes, you will get more marks if you answer the questions as well as writing your name at the top of the exam paper. Answers below, Happy New Year all!

    1. Richard Parry, Chief Executive of CRT since July 2013.
    2. Mark Stephens, Manager of the K&A.
    3. Sally Ash, Head of Boating at CRT.
    4. Nigel Johnson, suddenly ‘retired’ ex-Director of Corporate and Legal Services and Company Secretary of CRT.

  4. Oldie MonsterID Icon Oldie says:

    No 4, what an ugly mug! Looks suspiciously like a toupee as well. What is the point in being vain when you look like that?

  5. sixtimes MonsterID Icon sixtimes says:


  6. ranting_nick MonsterID Icon ranting_nick says:

    Q1. Must be Voldermort.
    Q2. This photograph looks like it was taken underwater. Answer “A Fish”.
    Q3. I dont know – spoilt for choice….
    Q4. Hmm… reminds me of Jabba the Hutt on a bad day…