Christmas Photo Competition Winner!!

Congratulations Kris Malarchist, you are the lucky winner of a lifetime’s free membership of our web site!! You contributed the funniest caption to the photo of a liveaboard boater’s encounter with Simon Salem, BW Marketing Director –
“Salem: I feel sick. Boater: I thought so – I spiked the punch.”

Kris, your prize is in the post…!!

For some reason we received a lot of entries we couldn’t publish, as even we thought they were too offensive to BW…and a few that missed the deadline, but we thought one of those was good enough to let it through anyway.

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One Response to “Christmas Photo Competition Winner!!”

  1. Kris Malarchist MonsterID Icon Kris Malarchist says:

    Oh my, I am so thrilled. I never usually win anything, and so am delighted to discover that, once again, I haven’t really won anything. I will treasure this prize until the day after tomorrow. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank my wife, children, and my parents, without whom this would all have been impossibly easy.