Corrine Rotherham leaves CRT

After at least five years of trying to find another job, enforcement officer Corrine Rotherham has finally left CRT. Many amongst the liveaboard boating community will breathe a sigh of relief. Her job is currently being covered by enforcement officer Matthew Preston, who can be contacted at

Since being appointed in 2009 Ms Rotherham carried out her role with a bewildering mixture of friendliness and bullying. Some boaters commented that she tended to bully those who were ill or otherwise vulnerable whilst attempting to make friends with boaters who seemed strong and capable. She was described by one person as “a bully… the most obnoxious person I have come across”. Some boaters received friendship, support and assistance with enforcement issues that could otherwise have ended in the loss of their homes. Others were on the receiving end of bullying and harassment, such as constant phone calls asking when they were going to move their boats or being told not to bother getting a doctor’s letter to prove they were injured.

Ms Rotherham gained notoriety among certain residents of Bradford on Avon after shouting “You’re in trouble for overstaying” at a local house-dweller who had knocked on the door of a friend’s boat. She refused to believe him when he told her he was not a boater, even when he suggested she should follow him home to prove he lived in a house!

In 2013 Ms Rotherham made a complaint of sexual harassment against fellow enforcement officer Russell Bennett, who left CRT employment after being advised by his solicitor that the complaint would result in his dismissal and that his best course of action would be to get another job while he still had a clean disciplinary record. Ms Rotherham also reportedly did not get on with her line manager and regional enforcement supervisor Shelia Shaw.

In September 2016 Ms Rotherham led the seizure of a boat without a home mooring that was a vulnerable woman’s home while she was asleep inside it. The woman, who suffers from epilepsy, was later rushed to hospital in an ambulance as the stress of the eviction had caused her condition to become critical.

Corrine Rotherham tells a boater to ‘take the camera away’ at the eviction of a vulnerable woman

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11 Responses to “Corrine Rotherham leaves CRT”

  1. yetta bennett MonsterID Icon yetta bennett says:

    I agree some people liked Corrine and found her very helpful. Others did not and felt she had been unsympathetic and harsh. The job is difficult. The officer has power over people’s lives and lively hood. However, protocols have to be in place that everyone must be treated equally , politely and with respect. Corrine was the child of the ethos in British waterways which was disrespect for their licence holders

  2. Mandy green MonsterID Icon Mandy green says:

    I think you’ll find the vitriol is all contained within your article, shame you use your platform to spread lies such a waste.

    • Boating Community MonsterID Icon Boating Community says:

      Sorry Mandy, now you’re just being boring. If you have some anecdote that shows Corinne in a good light, please feel free to share but this ‘It’s not me it’s you’ form of argument is extremely childish and furthers nobody.

  3. Mandy green MonsterID Icon Mandy green says:

    What a load of bitter and twisted bollocks,the author obviously has a chip on her shoulders, not the opinion of any boater I know on the K&a, and I know many

    • Boating Community MonsterID Icon Boating Community says:

      Whereas we are glad to see there’s a broad range of opinion in the boating community, your rudeness, Mandy, says more about you than it does about us or Corinne.

      • Mandy green MonsterID Icon Mandy green says:

        Rubbish, a public character assassination on a magazine type website purporting to be the broad voice of the boating community and you call me rude that’s a bit rich. The Kanda page has long ceased to be the voice of the boating community. It’s the authors own spiteful view of the world given a platform, crawl back into the dark place you crept out of

      • Mandy green MonsterID Icon Mandy green says:

        Deleted my reply to get the final word in. Nevermind, it’s your website shame you have to masquerade as a community group, the reality is your one individual with a grudge posing as the voice of the live aboard community, that’s sad

        • Boating Community MonsterID Icon Boating Community says:

          What bitter vitriol, sad.

          You appear to be misinformed, Mandy, this website is run by a collective and although not a given, on this subject we are all in agreement. Whereas, as is said in the post, many people found Corinne friendly and sympathetic there have been (documented Neil, if you’re listening with your mind open) instances where her behaviour has been found to be bullying and by exercising favouritism, she detracted from the professionalism of her post.

          It is of no surprise that some people disagree with our view, that is your right. We also have, and exercise, the right to express an opinion.

          As I say (that’s me, not the author of the piece) your continued rudeness shows more about you than us.

    • yetta bennett MonsterID Icon yetta bennett says:

      Russell Bennett did not have a clean record. I made a complaint of sexism and abuse language. I visited the current MP. He became involved and I had a couple of telephone conversation with Mr salem top dog at British Waterways. I know of other complaints made re his attitude towards women and read one of the letters of complaint. A year or so later, i Had a senior member of BW on my boat re another matter i mentioned my complaint re Bennett and several other complaints made. She contacted me later and said that the complaints were not recorded . She said he has been protected. Luckily I had records of my complaint. You are so wrong Mandy.

  4. Neil Keith Unwin MonsterID Icon Neil Keith Unwin says:

    I had a feeling this was coming before this was even written. Corrine is actually spoken of very highly by most boaters. She had an unpopular job to do, yet walked a fine line, and walked it well.

    Maybe one day you’ll learn to quote verifiable sources rather than gossipy hearsay?

    All the best in your future endeavors, Corrine.