CRT heavy mob strikes again.

This is being posted around the Internet, concerning two boats seized on the Grand Union at Uxbridge. We know nothing about the background but these may have been somebody’s home so make sure you protect yours. Get licenced, by hook or by crook, it’s your passport to tell CRT what to do rather than as here, the other way around.

ATTENTION: ALL BOATERS…..if this doesn’t affect you, then it’ll affect someone you know…pass it on…LICENSE IT OR LOSE IT!

(All details are true, it happened this morning in the boatyard I work at, information gleaned from the operatives!)

BW(CaRT) have brought in a crack team of “snatch n grab” operatives from the Midlands (they “get results”) to section 8 unlicensed boats on the GUC and the Thames (it won’t be long before they’re in your area!). They removed 2 of my mates boats right in front of me!

They are a team of about 12, including BW staff, bailiffs, heavies, a surveyor, and low loading crew. When my mate appeared with his dog and started shouting, the police arrived within 5 minutes.


BTW, the yards have no say in the matter – it’s in their lease agreements that BW are allowed to take control over the yard for “operations”…if the owner had refused, they would have brought in their own crane driver, and revoked the lease!