Dale Farm eviction likely soon

We occasionally post news of matters outside the waterways. The eviction of travellers at Dale Farm in Essex now looks likely to go ahead in the next 48 hours. Some boaters who have been threatened with, or have experienced, eviction from BW’s 2,200 miles of waterways will no doubt sympathise with the families at Dale Farm. For more information contact 07583 621312 or savedalefarm@gmail.com. See http://dalefarm.wordpress.com


2 Responses to “Dale Farm eviction likely soon”

  1. Editor MonsterID Icon Editor says:

    We said that some boaters will be sympathetic. And of course as you point out, some will not be. More detailed coverage and discussion of the rights and wrongs of the Dale Farm eviction can be found on their own web site.

  2. The eviction of the travellers from Dale farm is a result of an illegal settlement without lawful planning permission, and Basildon council has taken the correct legal steps to evict these people lawfully. Human rights exist for everyone, not just travellers with their own agenda. For this site to compare law abiding boaters with these individuals, and to presume that we are all 100% sympathetic is fairly arrogant.
    There are two sides to every story. BW does, and should have a legal right to enforce regulations. There are many opportunities for restitution before BW make people homeless, with the courts being involved before that happens.