Diesel and other items stolen at Avoncliff

Last weekend (5 or 6 February) a boat had 20 litres of diesel stolen from its tank at Avoncliff.  Recently a generator was lifted from a boat and two children’s bikes also stolen. Check your diesel tank, make sure your stuff is secured, and let us know if you see anything suspicious.

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3 Responses to “Diesel and other items stolen at Avoncliff”

  1. BeeBoat MonsterID Icon BeeBoat says:

    Had 40 ltrs taken out of our boat at Wilcot (near Pewsey) last week. Had to replace our fuel filter!

  2. Lady Lee MonsterID Icon Lady Lee says:

    Two bags of coal before xmas at Dundas plus my neighbour lost coal wood and new deck boards that he hadn’t fitted yet…
    Pain in the bum to lock everything. Hum

  3. zan MonsterID Icon zan says:

    We’ve had two bikes stolen too, and a load of gardening type tools, over the last few months. Someone also stole the honesty box in our shop just before Christmas. Until late last year we’d never had any problems at all, so it has been a bit of a shock.