Diesel thief between Bath and Bradford on Avon

This is to alert boaters that there is someone taking diesel from boats between Bath and Bradford on Avon. One boat has already had a full tank siphoned. Please pass this message on. If you have had anything stolen from your boat you can report it to the Police on 101, the non-emergency number.

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6 Responses to “Diesel thief between Bath and Bradford on Avon”

  1. Editor MonsterID Icon Editor says:

    We’ve had two more messages on this subject:

    Another boater had their car tyres slashed and punctured while it was parked on the hill on Warminster Rd in Bath, near Darlington Wharf, and then a week later had the car lock broken beyond repair while the car was parked for a few hours at Semington.

    In a seperate incident on the night of 1st-2nd March, a boater’s car lock was broken while it was parked on Moulton Drive in Bradford though nothing was stolen.

  2. Panda MonsterID Icon Panda says:

    A friend told me that police arrested a man in Pound Lane, Bradford on Avon at 7pm on Thursday 14th February, after he broke into a small van. The man was driving a flatbed Transit. Two plainclothes police were waiting all afternoon as break-ins were happening daily.

  3. admin MonsterID Icon admin says:

    Word is another boat was broken into last week near Claverton. Liveaboard boat, window smashed, money stolen.

  4. Things haven’t changed much then!
    When my boat first took to the water from the RLL boatyard,
    Keynsham, I cruised to the Airsprung railway bridge at
    There, had my diesel syphoned out twice. This appeared to be
    done with a small tube inserted down the “Air Breather” to the
    tank. It was unscrewed! I suspected a small electric pump,
    probably (ex. Mini, or similar)
    I am sorry to hear the problem still exists in the area. I hope
    you set up a “Boat Awareness Scheme” amongst boaters and group
    together in order to solve the problem. There are many small
    cameras around, (Infra red), and not expensive – This should
    be given consideration
    Diesel was 16ppl when I was there (2006) – Now its more
    like 90ppl – A totally different story! (78ppl on the Shroppie!)
    Regards, ~Allan~

  5. Editor MonsterID Icon Editor says:

    Another boater sent this message – if anyone finds it offensive we will consider taking it down.

    If I catch this thieving b*****d

    ~I’m going to make him drink all my bilge water
    Then I’m going to impale him on a lollipop stick,

    After that I’m going to drive over him repeatedly with my crappy moped
    and then feed him to my 26 feral cats-from-hell.

    Then we’ll go to the police station to hand the bones in ….
    Hope that’s Ok… I’m just not a fan of ‘Teefs’ at all.

    x Clint East-wig

  6. Editor MonsterID Icon Editor says:

    A boater emailed with this message:

    I had a battery pinched two days ago and spoke to a chap today who had had 2 bags of coal taken. A friend said she thought she had been syphoned twice