Don’t shoot the Messenger!

Top-notch theatre on the waterway comes to the K&A in July and August 2012 as the wonderful Mikron Theatre Company bring two new shows to Bath, Woolhampton and Reading in their 77-year old narrowboat Tyseley.

Don’t Shoot the Messenger is a comical journey through postal history, highlighting post office closures, a subject that will strike a chord with many boaters as we rely on Post Offices and their staff to receive mail Poste Restante. Beyond the Veil is a mystery involving beehives, an allotment and a dramatic decline in the number of bees.

Don’t Shoot the Messenger is showing at the Rowbarge, Station Rd, Woolhampton RG7 5SH on Sunday 21st July at 7.30pm.

Beyond the Veil is showing at Bloomfield Rd Allotments, Bear Flat, Bath BA2 2AB on Saturday 27th July at 3pm; at the Rowbarge, Station Rd, Woolhampton RG7 5SH on Thursday 1st August at 7.30pm and at Caversham Court, Church St, Reading RG4 4AD on Friday 2nd August at 7.30pm.

You can download Mikron’s Summer and Waterways 2013 Tour leaflet here mikron-summer-waterways-2013-leaflet

Contact Mikron Theatre Company on 01484 843701 or see

Mikron 42nd Summer and Waterways Tour 2013

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