Hold Fast – it’s Christmas!

This year we bring you a Christmas treat by the K&A’s best known liveaboard boatie band Calico Jack.

Wrap your eardrums round the title track of their first album Hold Fast and sing along to their rendition of well known sea shanty South Australia. Calico Jack have entertained boaters, festival goers and others since 2011. They can sometimes be found in the Cross Guns at Avoncliff, where they helped to start the popular singing night on Tuesdays, where local boaters and folkies meet for an evening of unaccompanied songs, shanties and more.

It was a member of Calico Jack who provided the idea for the recent successful Boaters’ Festive Get Together where faces got painted, Xmas decorations were made, information about how to deal with CRT enforcement was discussed and the newly formed Teenage Moorhen provided some great music. There will be more Boaters’ Get Togethers in the new year. Happy Christmas!

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