K&A boaters action group next meet April 14th, Semington

The next meeting of the K&A boaters action group will be next Monday 14th April 2014 at 7.30pm in Semington.

The group is currently negotiating with K&A manager Mark Stephens over the provision of rubbish bins on the canal, and will also be discussing the imminent start of the Towpath Mooring Plan between Bath and Devizes.


If you have some time over the next few months (or longer) to contribute to supporting, defending and promoting our community, please get involved.  If you know anyone who would be a useful member of the group, do invite them too. If you want to come, contact info@boatingcommunity.org.uk or 07928 078208. There may be lifts going, let us know if you need or can offer one. Hope to see you there.

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