K&A Boaters’ Code of Conduct

An independent initiative developed by the K&A boating community

As live-aboard boaters the canal is our home. The way we lead our lives can make the canal a wonderfully colourful and interesting place for people to visit. For us, to share the canal, the towpath and to show consideration for others is very important. It demonstrates how vibrant our community and the canal are. We hope that if we all try to follow this simple code of conduct we will continue to build good relations between us and people who do not live on board, and there will be even better co-operation and tolerance between us and others who use the canal .

Featured in Waterways World January 2013

The Boater's Code of Conduct

We agree to;

1. Move at least every 14 days to another place, unless we have a genuine reason not to

2. Avoid where possible short stay moorings (24, 48 and 72 hours) in the summer season between April and September.

3. Move off the service point (water, sanitary) when we have finished using it.

4. Adhere to the 8pm to 8am licence condition of not running generators or engines whilst moored.

5. Keep the towpath next to my boat free of litter and obstructions.

6. Not drive or park on the towpath.

7. Cycle with consideration, be prepared to slow down or stop for other users.

8. Clean up after our dogs.

10. Limit discharges into the canal that may cause harm to water life and the environment (e.g. detergent, milk, oil, diesel).

11. Use environmentally friendly energy supplies (wood, solar etc) when we can.

12. Leave reusable items at the recycling points for others to take a way and re-use.

13. Recycle what can’t be re-used.

14. Offer assistance to any boater when it seems appropriate (e.g. hirers, novices, single-handers).

15. Support local shops, pubs and businesses including canal-based traders.

16. Support the local community.

We are an asset to the canal.

We always should try to enhance this, not detract from it.


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You can also sign up to the code of conduct by emailing or texting “I’m signing up” to info@boatingcommunity.org.uk or 07928 078208. You can include your name and/or boat name if you want to.

You can print out the one of stickers below, laminate and display in your window.

Boaters Code of Conduct Sticker1 Large colour, with QR code for smart phones

Boaters Code of Conduct Sticker2 Small black and white, with QR code for smart phones