LILO Liveaboard Boaters Gathering near Pewsey April 2012

Low Impact Life Onboard (LILO) is hosting a gathering of boaters at a pub with a camp site and barn near Pewsey from 13th to 15th April 2012. All boaters are welcome. It will be an informal get-together for boaters to share news and skills. There will be plenty of camping space available for those who decide not to bring their boats to the gathering. The site is 5 minutes walk from the canal.

One of the main features of LILO gatherings is the opportunity for boaters to share their skills and knowledge with other boaters. LILO is asking people who feel they have a skill or knowledge which may be useful to other boat dwellers to contact them for a slot in the timetable. Previous LILO gatherings have included workshops on diesel engine maintenance; 12volt electrics; building a bike powered 12v generator and tips on helping boaters’ groups to work together more smoothly.

This year, in addition to the workshops, there’ll be sessions on the forthcoming changes to BW;  information about the Canal and River Trust and the Local Mooring Strategy, as well as a chance to get together with other people who want to do something about it!  

At the moment LILO is looking for people who can give workshops and talks. If you have ideas or requests for what you’d like to see happen, contact

For more information about the gathering see

LILO is a loose network of boaters who are interested in living sustainably on the waterways and high seas. You can find out more about LILO at

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