Local mooring plan is “sheer harassment” says boater

A boater left his berth at Caen Hill marina and spent three days moored on the towpath. Then his engine broke down. He took his boat into the Foxhangers hire boat base for repairs, and it was moored there for a further three days while the repairs are being done. He then received an email from CRT saying that he has been moored in one “neighbourhood” for longer than 14 days and he should move. “This is sheer harassment. I have not been on the towpath for 14 days; I cannot move my boat as the engine is still being repaired and in any case I am in a boatyard now, not on the towpath” he said.

We do not know exactly what system CRT is using to record boat sightings in the area subject to the K&A Interim 12-month Local Plan, but it is clearly not fit for purpose. If CRT cannot correctly record and analyse something as basic as the length of time a boat has been moored in one place, then this calls into question the entire basis of its enforcement policy including the Local Plan. If you have been harassed by emails, texts or letters from CRT alleging that you have overstayed when you have not, we recommend making a formal complaint. Please contact info@boatingcommunity.org.uk or 07928 078208 if you would like help with making a complaint. See our article on using the CRT complaints procedure here


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