Local NABO rep furious at BW’s decision to disband local mooring strategy group

The NABO rep for the south of England, Andy Colyer, has publicly condemned BW’s unlilateral decision to disband the Local Mooring Strategy Steering Group. “I told you so” he said “…. just as we were about to get to the point where the serious work was to be on the table, we are told that we are not needed.  That BW can do it themselves. After all, who needs a carefully selected group of dedicated representatives of relevant parties, willing to attend meetings — the only sensible and efficient way of discussing issues?  Obviously NOT BW.   How STUPID is that?  I am furious.  As the unaffiliated boaters say, any meaningful approach to enforcement needs the support of the whole group”. Andy lives on his boat on the K and A without a home mooring. You can read the full article here  http://kacanaltimes.blogspot.com/2012/02/k-steering-group-scrapping-prompts.html

You can find out more about NABO – the National Association of Boat Owners here www.nabo.org.uk

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