New job for Damian Kemp

Damian Kemp, BW’s Project Officer who chaired the Local Mooring Strategy Steering Group and did the legwork for the 2009 consultations on National Mooring Policy, Local Mooring Strategies and the now discredited Lee and Stort Moorings Managament Plan, has a new job. He is a member of BW’s Boating Team, headed by Sally Ash. Mr Kemp’s new job title is Boating Consultations and Communications Manager. According to his blog on the BW web site, his role is aimed at improving understanding between BW and boaters. Mr Kemp says: “Realistically, we don’t expect all boaters to sing our praises so we want to understand why not and see if we can fix it. Secondly, and more profoundly, we want a better understanding of a boater’s perspective. To get in touch with me email”

Whether you believe this or not, and we have serious doubts when BW have Sally Ash, Simon Salem and Nigel Johnson calling the shots in the Boating and Enforcement teams, this is an opportunity to tell BW that you know just how unlawful their policies are. Mr Kemp’s blog is at

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One Response to “New job for Damian Kemp”

  1. oddie MonsterID Icon oddie says:

    perhaps mr kemp can begin his new role in communications by explaining why bw produce guidelines advising boaters to navigate from parish to parish then seek eviction through the courts when they do what they’ve been asked