Nothing’s simple.

Well I guess I owe Keith Rossiter an apology.

After giving him such a hard time about unfounded allegations. I was cycling home last night around 11.30 and witnessed someone on the back of Leah Rose 506166 emptying a toilet into the canal.

What should I do about this? What should our community do about this?

It has quite depressed me that I spend so much time defending our community and do so much work to prevent people like Mr Rossiter spreading rumour and untruth.

I am effectively defending the right of fuckwits like this to behave like this.

It will be a while before I feel able to continue with this website or any other actions.


Sorry Keith.

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13 Responses to “Nothing’s simple.”

  1. Paul Biddy MonsterID Icon Paul Biddy says:

    Im not sure what’s worse, 3 public toilet points shared between 300 odd boats, poisonous detergents being poured into the canal, dog shit on my carpet or a bit of piss in the cut… I remain unhappy that individuals are judged and condemned in public without a fair trial folks. Bad boy biddy

  2. zaniyah MonsterID Icon zaniyah says:

    I’ve often seen people emptying old-style chamber pots early in the morning, when it isn’t that bright out. Maybe they think it is okay if they aren’t seen? I have only tried to confront someone about it once, and he was extremely aggressive, so I’ve not done anything more than despair since.

    Personally I think it is just as disgusting as those dog walkers who routinely kick their dog’s turds into the cut.

  3. Tom MonsterID Icon Tom says:

    I happen to know that Leah Rose recently changed hands and the new bloke aboard knows nothing about canals, boats or anything related. While this in no way excuses his actions it might go some way to explaining them.

    To be fair, knowing a bit about the boat itself I think having to live on it is punishment enough.

  4. admin MonsterID Icon admin says:

    Small update; A woman boatie has generously offered to speak to Leah Rose. Those of you who remember the festivals of the 70s and 80s will know that the women used to deal with anti-social behaviour as the potential for violence was much reduced – except in some instances from the women when feelings ran particularly high – with the added ignominy of a burly geezer being having his machismo removed by angry women.

    So…. women’s work. Many thanks from the community to you.

    Also, I will not let the actions of one selfish person stop the good that I think this website does so I will carry on contributing.

    And to Keith, yes, your allegations may have had some weight we didn’t credit them with but we, the boating community, are capable of cleaning up our own backyard (if you”ll excuse the pun).

  5. Chris (Barney) MonsterID Icon Chris (Barney) says:

    I just can’t believe this. I am truly disgusted and embarrassed that I always defend our community so strongly to whomever should question the integrety of the liveaboard community. Actions such as this do an awful diservice to us. I applaud the poster for having the strength of character to apologise. I sincerely hope that the owner of said boat will realise (no doubt via this posting) how much damage they may have done.

  6. Cris Malarchist MonsterID Icon Cris Malarchist says:

    Did you send your letter? I should think that will have got the message across.
    I’m moored along from Leah Rose. Shall I have a word? I would hope that making the owner aware that their actions are the subject of general discussion might have an effect.

    • admin MonsterID Icon admin says:

      I put the letter into a patrol notice envelope and put in on their boat. You are right – a quiet and non-confrontational word would be the best thing to do. I bottled out of that bit! Go for it Mr Malarchist.

  7. SimonR MonsterID Icon SimonR says:

    If we stop arguing our corner because of one idiot like this we are lost. BW will of course rub their hands in glee if this site stops running – please don’t give them that pleasure!

    I hope someone from the local community will go and speak to the boater concerned and tell them in a in a friendly and positive but frim spirit exactly what the score is on this. Sadly there are at times people who just don’t know/think better because no-one’s every told them? If they’ve been told and then keep doing it, that’s different.

    If the rumour is true and there are new owners it’s even more important that someone engages with them?

  8. Timothy MonsterID Icon Timothy says:

    How very disapointing. However has the owner of the boat had a chance to defend themselves? I would like to think there was some misguided logic behind this. Let’s hope this is rare on our beautiful canal.

  9. Tschawo MonsterID Icon Tschawo says:

    I believe Leah Rose was up for sale very recently. Perhaps these are the new owners? Oh joy. 🙁

  10. admin MonsterID Icon admin says:

    I’ve written this letter;

    To the occupant of Leah Rose BW no. 506165


    I saw you emptying your toilet into the canal last night. I would like you to know that I consider this unacceptable.

    You may consider that one toilet of shit in all this water makes no difference.

    You are wrong.

    A friend of mine was stood in the water 50 yards from here last week clearing his propeller. Do you think he should be standing in your shit?

    There are well over 200 livaboard boats in this pound. Can you imagine the environmental impact if everybody emptied feaces into the canal?

    There are many reports of Wiels disease from rat urine. Human faeces contains many pathogens and all of us handle wet ropes, have to go into the canal occasionally, or use canal water for washing our boats and other non-food uses.

    As you will no doubt be aware there is much discussion at the moment about the impact of boaters on the local environment, from BANES council and Bathampton Parish Council amongst others. One of their concerns is exactly this, that of how we dispose of our shit. I have made statements to both these bodies saying that no liveaboard boater would behave this way. I can no longer counter such allegations thanks to your selfish action.

    There are facilities readily available for disposal of human waste. There is a BW elsan at Dundas and Bradford, for £30 a year you can use Jenks’ facilities at Bathampton. Bath Narrowboats also offer disposal for £2. You don’t appear to me to be so poor as to need to save £2 by polluting the environment.

    As you obviously know, because you are doing this late at night, it also illegal and I know that the Environment Agency takes reports of this kind of behaviour very seriously.

    I will not report this the the Environment Agency or British Waterways on this occasion. But if I see or hear about it happening again I will report it to these bodies and add a report of last night’s events.

    Opinions I have had from the people I have spoken to have, apart from reporting you, suggested a ‘name and shame’ poster or emptying my toilet on your boat and other confrontational actions. This is not my style.

    So please consider my words and deal with your waste more responsibly.

  11. posh MonsterID Icon posh says:

    You are not defending anyone’s right to behave like this. Your post underlines the fact that such behaviour is exceptional and unacceptable i.e. not common place as had been suggested/believed about liveaboard boaters.

    Well done for outing this idiot. Do you know his/her name? They are not real boaters. Next they will be mooring for a month on the water point and cruising their boat dressed as a pirate.