Only 13 days to respond to BW charity consultation

There are only 13 days left to respond to the DEFRA consultation on the New Waterways Charity. It ends on 30th June. If you plan to respond, below is one boater’s response which may provide some inspiration in answering the questions. You can download it. It’s always better to respond to consultations in your own words, as duplicate responses may carry less weight. If you have any thoughts about the consultation that you want to share, please comment here.

Here’s the sample responseResponse to BW Charity consultation

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2 Responses to “Only 13 days to respond to BW charity consultation”

  1. We have created an online version of the DEFRA consultation response form with comments on each question if anyone wishes to use it:

  2. paul biddy MonsterID Icon paul biddy says:

    Excellent. It may also be worth mentioning that neither of the 1971 or 1995 bw acts preclude living on a boat 🙂 Quite the opposite in fact…