Partnership Board to form committee on mooring strategy

There have been further developments regarding the local mooring strategy at the Kennet and Avon Local Waterways Partnership Board.  The Partnership Board met in January and the issue of Sally Ash, BW’s Head of Boating, taking the work back “in-house” was discussed at length.  It was agreed, with Roger Hanbury of the Canal and River Trust in attendance that the best way ahead would be for the Partnership Board to now take on the work, reflecting the fact that BW’s Guidance for Boaters Without a Home Mooring states that “Place” can only be defined locally. (Roger Hanbury is the Chief Executive of the Waterways Trust which has merged with the Canal and River Trust which the Government plans will take over BW when it is transferred to charity status).

The Partnership Board plans to chair local meetings to develop advice on a definition of “Place” and then review enforcement. These meetings will be strongly affected by the summary of the local mooring strategy proposals that BW has produced recently. Feelings are running very high but we understand that members of the Partnership Board believe that consensus can be reached locally on the issue.

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