Poste Restante service saved in Bradford on Avon

Bradford on Avon main post office is to move on 3rd May, but the poste restante service will continue at the new premises in Budgen’s. Local people campaigned unsuccessfully to keep the historic post office building in The Shambles in use. Boaters also objected to the closure, partly because of the proposed loss of the poste restante service. A number of boaters responded to the consultation and some contacted the local MP Duncan Hames with their concerns.

The Post Office’s response to objections is that although the new “Post Office local” service does not normally include poste restante, the service will continue in Bradford on Avon because it meets a significant need in the community. “Post Office local” is the model for operating post offices within convenience stores. Any boaters who are concerned about the possible loss of poste restante services in other areas can raise this as “a significant community issue that has been ignored” in their response to any consultation about the closure or relocation of a post office, and state the numbers of boaters who will be affected. See our previous article and example consultation response here

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