Short term licence fee climbdown by CRT

Following lobbying by the National Bargee Travellers Association (NBTA), CRT has stated that it will only charge boaters who have been forced to take a 3 or 6 month licence the 12-month fee pro rata instead of the advertised higher relative cost of its shorter licences. This follows a meeting between NBTA and CRT’s new Head of Customer Service when the NBTA raised the issue that boaters who were refused 12-month licences following enforcement action were being forced to pay a higher relative amount.

Ian Rogers said “those people who find that CRT have only offered a 3 or 6 month licence will be charged a pro rata amount of the full licence fee”. The NBTA recommends that boaters who have been charged a premium for a shorter licence in these circumstances should make a formal complaint to the Head of Customer Service requesting a refund of the balance.

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