Vote against a costly name change for BW

We received this message recently:

BW are running a survey to help choose its new name when it becomes a charity. Please can you urge your readers to complete the survey and tell BW/ the new charity not to change the name, as this will involve a substantial cost in re-branding signs, vehicles, etc.

You can complete the survey here

for more information, see BW’s web site:


3 Responses to “Vote against a costly name change for BW”

  1. Panda MonsterID Icon Panda says:

    It probably won’t be a merger of several organisations. It looks unlikely that the EA navigations will be included. There isn’t any consensus within the EA on this.

    We don’t consider ourselves to be radical or activist. Our primary aim is to keep our homes and we just want BW to abide by the law and act within its legal powers.

  2. I hate to say it, but it’s being naive of you to think that a name change is a waste of money.

    Of course, it will probably (inevitably!) be done more extravagantly than it needs to be, but this will be a major change of structure and involve merging several bodies that have different and changing responsibilities. It’s also a good opportunity for promoting the waterways more. I was almost 40 years old before I even knew the waterways existed, and I became aware largely due to the rebranding from the old BWB to the new BW.

    It’s interesting to reflect that ‘radical, activist’ people are often the most conservative, and ‘conservative, reactionary’ people often have the most radical, reforming zeal.

    • paul biddy MonsterID Icon paul biddy says:

      Andrew. It’s naive to think that the EA would co-operate with BW when BW have a well documented history of seeking to aggressively take over EA managed waterways. A waste of money is, simply, a waste of money where other, less expensive, forms of self promotion are available.