14 Days or Such Longer Period as is Reasonable in the Circumstances

A boat without a home mooring may stay for longer than 14 continuous days in one place if it is reasonable in the circumstances, according to the 1995 British Waterways Act. It is advisable to inform BW if you need to do this, and keep them updated of your circumstances and when you expect to leave. We recommend that you do this in writing, either by post or email, so that both you and BW have written evidence that you informed BW and of BW’s agreement, in case you need to prove it later.

There are many circumstances in which a longer stay may be reasonable; a few examples are injury, illness, family emergency, mechanical breakdown, damage to the boat, ice, low water levels and navigation stoppage.

We thought it would be useful to provide a notice that boaters can print and display in their boat windows, to inform local residents or other boaters on occasions when their circumstances require a longer stay. There is room for any additional information that you may think is neccesary, such as the reason for the longer stay and the approximate date your boat will leave. You may want to put the date that you informed BW and the name of the BW officer you informed.

Here’s the notice to download 14 days or longer notice

and this is what it looks like

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