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The “Continuous Cruising Procedure” and CC3 letters

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

A boater recently made a Freedom of Information request about the number of boats BW had either taken to court or removed following a CC3 letter. The CC3 is the letter which terminates the boat licence in what BW like to call the “Continuous cruising procedure”. The boater asked the following questions

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Public Meeting on Local Moorings Strategies, June 1st in Devizes

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

BW is to hold a public meeting on June 1st, at Devizes Corn Exchange at 6.30pm, to announce its plan to go ahead with local mooring strategies. This is despite the fact that 73 of the 98 responses to the consultation on developing local mooring strategies, and 88 out of 161 responses to the national consultation, opposed the plan. Quite a few boaters are planning to go to this meeting. It is an opportunity to tell BW what we think of the proposals. Anyone can attend but you need to book a place. The meeting is being hosted by Wiltshire Council. If you want to go, contact Margaret Tipper at Wiltshire Council on 01225 718441 or email her:

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Consultation stitch-up part 2

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Some boaters have now looked at all the responses to the consultation on Moorings Policy for England and Wales (the national consultation). The responses to this bigger consultation also show a majority opposed to local mooring strategies. Of 161 responses, 88 were against local mooring strategies, 48 in favour, and 25 either did not answer the question or were neither in favour nor against. We are still seeking answers from BW

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Done and dusted!

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Around 20 people spent Sunday afternoon clearing litter from the towpath and the water between Bradford on Avon and Bath. Using boathooks and fishing nets, and carrying the rubbish in wheelbarrows, bike trailers and boats, the group took about four hours to do most of the canal and also Warleigh Weir. Well done to everyone who took part, especially as it was such a hot day. Another clean-up has been suggested for the winter, when it will be easier to find any litter that’s hidden by the undergrowth at this time of year, so watch this space…

Kennet and Avon Bi-Centenary at Bathampton

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Hello everyone… KevThePipe calling all artists and performers!

The K&A Bicentenary event is taking place at Bathampton Wharf, Saturday 17th July all day, kids stuff in the daytime, bands and films in the evening.

I know word is getting around about this event so now is the time to start getting our arses in gear!

The event is basically being organized by Bathampton residents with the Parish Council providing funding, insurance etc. I’ve been involved from the beginning and I’ve made sure boaters are well represented and we’ll be providing lots of infrastructure but I now need to know who’s up for doing a turn on the stage.

I’ve spoken to a few but need you all to spread the word and get me definite ‘acts’ so I can schedule them in… I’m stage managing the event so my word is law!

contact me in person on ‘Stanley’, by email, by phone 07796 560476 or get me on FaceBook.

Great efforts have been made to repair the relationship between Bathampton residents and boaters and now’s our chance to shine… so come on you stars!

Council Tax and Liveaboard Boaters

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

There have been a number of accusations recently that boaters do not pay Council Tax and so should not benefit from local services. This is incorrect. British Waterways pays the Government a composite levy in respect of Council Tax and Business Rates. This is collected centrally and the income is used to offset general central Government payments to local authorities through the Rate Support Grant. Therefore, anyone who pays a boat licence fee to BW contributes to this composite levy in respect of Council Tax.

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Boaters’ storage

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

We received this message recently:

I’m pleased to be able to offer a storage facility to all boaters. My idea is to let 1metre x 1metre x 2metre (high) lockable boxes. If this is of any interest please contact me: 07803 034577


Tony Berry

BW contradicts itself over consultation

Monday, May 10th, 2010

The email correspondence below from Sarina Young of BW completely contradicts what Damian Kemp told the Kennet and Avon canal User Group meeting on 29 April. According to Damian, the consultation responses have been analysed. According to Sarina on 7 May, they have not been analysed. Draw your own conclusions!

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Kennet and Avon Canal User Group meeting transcript

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Thanks to an extremely competent minute taker, we can now publish a transcript of the User Group meeting on 29th April here. Read all about it!


Towpath and water clean-up, Sunday 23 May 12.00

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

There will be a towpath and water cleanup organised by boaters on Sunday 23rd May starting at 12.00. The cleanup will start in two places – at Bath (by the 72 hour moorings near Sydney Gardens) AND below Bradford lock by the Lock Inn, meeting in the middle at Dundas. Afterwards we plan to have a barbeque at Dundas.

Bring a wheelbarrow and/or boathook if you have one, and protective gloves. We will provide bin bags, and handwashing facilities at Dundas. We plan to load most of the rubbish onto a boat as we go along, and offload it at Dundas. All towpath users are welcome to participate, whether boaters, cyclists, anglers or walkers.