BaNES to decide future of Mead Lane moorings on 8th October after survey finds no damage from boats

In January 2020 BaNES Council attempted to close the 14-day moorings at Mead Lane, Saltford following a long campaign by local residents hostile to liveaboard boaters. Allegations were made that the mooring of boats had damaged the river bank. A decision was made to carry out a structural survey, which took place on 3rd September 2020. The survey by Atkins Global engineering consultancy found that there was no damage to the bank from moored boats.

The Banes Council cabinet meeting on Thursday 8th October will vote on proposals to: remove the 48 hour moorings at Mead Lane and leave as open space; to ban boaters from using the 14-day moorings between 1st November and February each year; to identify alternative sites for 14-day moorings on the river in order to close the moorings at Mead Lane when alternative moorings are open; and to fund a a river warden to carry out enforcement on the river jointly with CRT. Liveaboard boaters will be attending the meeting to put the case for keeping the 14-day moorings at Mead Lane open all year. This will be a virtual meeting held on Zoom due to Covid-19 restrictions. The public can watch the meeting on YouTube.

The BaNES Council report and appendices are here:

Mead Lane Saltford – River moorings

E3228z Mead Lane – Equality Impact

E3228z Atkins Report. Mead Lane Moorings Riverbank Mooring Assessment

E3228z Mead Lane Highway Inspections

The Council has also commissioned Opinion Research Services (ORS) to carry out an assessment of the need for further moorings within BaNES. This has two main elements: an assessment of current supply, and of need or demand for moorings. This will include a survey of liveaboard boaters. This assessment is expected to be completed later this year. Local authorities are required by the Housing and Planning Act 2016 to assess the accommodation needs of people living on boats and in caravans.

Bank stabilisation works were carried out by the Council in 2005 to protect a sewage pipe. Councillors present at the cabinet meeting on 16th January stated that they were concerned that the mooring of boats had damaged the stabilised bank. The campaign to stop boaters mooring on the river bank included local residents, Councillors, the Parish Council and Saltford Environment Group.

The Covid-19 lockdown; a letter from a solicitor representing liveaboard boaters and the failure of the Environment Agency ‘s sluice gate at Twerton have led the Council to decide not to evict boaters before the long term future of the moorings is decided on 8th October. The Council will also review the car parking restrictions along Mead Lane.

The river is in flood following last week’s heavy rain. Whatever the Council’s decision on Thursday, if you are moored at Mead Lane, DO NOT MOVE until it is safe, and check with CRT before you do move – phone 0303 040 4040 or email or see

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