B&NES Council include boat dwellers in traveller strategy

We have heard recently that the group within Bath and NE Somerset Council  which deals with travellers has got permission from the Strategic Directors to include boat dwellers in its work on Gypsies & Travellers. One of the B&NES officers responsible for its work with travellers says  “We will be making sure that this is reflected in our work as a group from now on”.

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3 Responses to “B&NES Council include boat dwellers in traveller strategy”

  1. Not forgetting to include water points etc as well.

  2. If this would mean having longer term moorings, in some areas where there is a need for this, then the sooner they get started doing something about making it a realty, the better.

  3. Paul Biddy MonsterID Icon Paul Biddy says:

    The B&NES Officer sounds like a very nice person indeed 🙂