Boat movement has resumed as of 12th April

Boat movement and mooring enforcement resumed yesterday 12th April 2021 as the Coronavirus lockdown continued to be eased. CRT has stated that boaters without a home mooring have 14 days from yesterday to move from the place where they were moored during the lockdown, meaning that they need to have moved by 26th April to avoid any enforcement action.

Matthew Aymes, CRT’s Customer Support Manager: Licence Support (ie enforcement manager) said yesterday: “It will be the same approach as last time – mooring times start from today so in most places people will have 14 days before needing to move on. We ask that if any boaters have issues that they contact their LSO [Licence support Officer, ie enforcement officer] as soon as possible to discuss”.

We would suggest that boaters have all discussions with CRT staff that may affect their boat licence in writing by email or letter. This is so that each party has a record of what is said.

Self-catering holidays by one household also resumed on 12th April, meaning that leisure boating and hire boat holidays are now possible provided there is only one household or bubble on the boat.

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