Boat movement suspension extended to 9th May due to Coronavirus

CRT has extended its suspension of the 14-day rule until 9th May and has advised that only essential boat movements are permitted until at least this date. CRT’s winter visitor mooring time limits of 14 days unless signed otherwise are also extended until 9th May. No boat sightings will be taken during the period that boat movements are suspended. Boat Safety certificates that are about to expire or have recently expired are now extended until 11 May 2020.

The charity has furloughed some 200 of its staff whose work is considered to be non-essential at this time. CRT now states that essential boat movement includes moving to a quieter part of the towpath if it is too busy where you are moored.

CRT has so far not responded to the many calls to protect the health of liveaboard boaters by closing towpaths for leisure use, despite vastly increased use by cyclists, runners and walkers. It has merely issued amended guidance telling the public to limit their use of towpaths.

We suggest making a formal complaint to CRT if you are worried about the level of towpath use. See

See CRT’s Boaters’ Update of 16th April and Coronavirus FAQs for boaters here:

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