Boat movements suspended in Tier 4 Covid-19 lockdowns – parts of K&A in Tiers 3 and 4

Following the Government announcement on 20th December 2020, West Berkshire and Reading are now in a new Tier 4 of Covid-19 restrictions equivalent to lockdown. As of 26th December, Somerset and Bristol will move to Tier 3.

This means that only essential boat movements by liveaboard boaters in Tier 4 are permitted, such as for food shopping, medical treatment, or to fill up with water, empty toilets etc. Leisure boaters cannot visit or use their boats. This applies to all waterways in Tier 4 areas. The K&A between Froxfield and Reading is therefore in Tier 4. The K&A west of Dundas will be in Tier 3 from Boxing Day.

CRT says: “… moving every 14 days will be suspended in Tier 4 and Wales until the restrictions come to an end”. In addition, boaters are advised to avoid entering or leaving Tier 3 areas, but CRT has stated it still requires boaters without a home mooring in Tier 3 to move every 14 days (or longer if reasonable in the circumstances).

For information about which Tier different areas in England are in see

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