Boater proposes code of conduct

Liveaboard boater Brian Greaves is proposing a code of conduct that boaters can sign up to. Brian writes:

As liveaboard boaters the canal is our home, the way we lead our lives can make the canal a wonderfully colourful and interesting place for people to visit. For us, to share the canal, the towpath and to show consideration for others is very important, it demonstrates how vibrant our community and the canal is. We hope that if we all try to follow these simple guidelines we will continue to build good relations between us and people who do not live aboard; we will have even better co-operation and tolerance between us and others – and to show that we are serious about making the canal a brilliant place for everyone to look after and enjoy.

Boaters’ Code of Conduct – taking pride in our community

You can view and sign the Code of Conduct online here:

Please sign up to the code of conduct – download and print out the one of the stickers below and display in your window.

Boaters Code of Conduct Sticker1

Boaters Code of Conduct Sticker2

1. Move every 14 days at least 1 km unless you have a genuine reason not to.

2. Avoid short stay moorings (24, 48 and 72 hours) in the summer season between April and September.

3. Move off the water point when you have filled your tank.

4. Adhere to the 8pm to 8am licence condition of not running generators or engines whilst moored.

5. If you see litter or rubbish on the canal bank pick it up.

6. Try to make sure bikes, bike trailers, push chairs and sack carts etc don’t restrict the towpath for others.

7. Don’t drive or park vehicles on the towpath.

8. The towpath is a shared path, be considerate when using it.

9. Cycle with consideration, be prepared to slow down or stop for other users.

10. Clean up after your dog.

11. Protect the water life – try to use environmentally friendly detergents when you’re discharging grey water into the canal.

12. Use environmentally friendly energy supplies (wood, solar etc) when you can.

13. Leave re-usable items at the rubbish and recycling points for others to take a way and re-use.

14. Recycle what can’t be re-used.

15. Help hirers and novices through locks etc.

16. Support local shops, pubs and businesses including canal-based traders.

17. Support the local community.

18. We are an asset to the canal. Try to enhance this, not detract from it.

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2 Responses to “Boater proposes code of conduct”

  1. Richard Felix MonsterID Icon Richard Felix says:

    Great idea, sign me up. Had trouble finding the link though, had to copy address from your poster. More that sign up the better as it shows we are serious about our lifestyle.

  2. brian greaves MonsterID Icon brian greaves says:

    Emily Bronte signs up to the code of conduct. Let’s be positive and support the code 🙂