Boaters’ carol service

It’s ben a while since Christmas, but we’ve recently been given this photo of the Dundas carol service. Peter Attwill, who led the service, made a point of acknowledging the number of boaters’ children

Boaters' children at Dundas carol service

Boaters' children at the carol service at Dundas Aqueduct, December 2009

at the service. Not all of us are christians, but his gesture of support to us liveaboard boaters, who were feeling just a bit beleagured by the past few months’ onslaught from BW, was very welcome!

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3 Responses to “Boaters’ carol service”

  1. Richard littlejohn MonsterID Icon Richard littlejohn says:

    candles or kids ????

  2. posh MonsterID Icon posh says:

    What a classic image. Thank you Peter.


  3. KevThePipe MonsterID Icon KevThePipe says:

    Aw! Bless ’em! They were a freakin’ nightmare with those candles though; me ‘n’ Bez had to extinguish a couple of them!