Boaters invited to K&A Canal East meeting, 1st June, Wootton Rivers

Liveaboard boaters are invited to the Kennet & Avon Canal East Meeting on 1st June 2017 at 6pm for 6.30pm at Wootton Rivers Village Hall. These twice-yearly meetings were set up by Pewsey Community Area Partnership in 2014 to discuss and resolve issues regarding the K&A Canal that affected boaters and local residents in the villages along the canal. Those invited include CRT, parish councils, boaters and local residents. As a result of past meetings, some of the hostility to liveaboard boaters from local residents and parish councils in the Pewsey Vale area has been reduced and better relationships developed.

It’s important that liveaboard boaters attend this meeting to make sure that we are represented, that our voices are heard and that developments do not take place that make our lives difficult (such as restrictions to parking near the canal; parking is on the agenda for this meeting). The agenda is below.

Kennet & Avon Canal East Meeting

Date: 1st June

Venue: Wootton Rivers Village Hall (in the main street between the pub and the canal).

Time: 6pm for 6.30pm


1. Welcome, introductions and apologies

2. Anti-social Behaviour & Other Police Matters

3. Actions from Previous Meeting

4. Canal and Rivers Trust Report

5. Parking in Wilcot

6. Tow Path & Shared Space Update

7. Lighting of Bonfires on Towpath

8. Tow Path Improvements

9. Adopt a Canal/Volunteering

10. Wilcot Verge Improvements

11. Parking access along the canal for all users

12. Exchange of Information

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