Boating Community email address

It was pointed out to me today that you can’t get in touch because there’s no contact email on the site.

Well there is now

Let us know what you think, what you love about boating and the canal, what you think about the goings on, about BW, about this site…

in fact anything at all….

….except where to buy viagra or how to make our penes larger, we have some very nice people in Russia who have already promised to do this.

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One Response to “Boating Community email address”

  1. Tim MonsterID Icon Tim says:

    I saw your last post about getting in touch with you where mention
    Russians helping you with you ‘penes’.

    I was confused with what you were referring to, at first I thought that
    you were referring to making your pennies larger. Then I remembered that
    it is only African princes who can help with monetary problems simply by
    transferring $10000000000000000000000000 in to my bank account because
    they do not have a UK bank account. I have not heard of any Russians who
    can offer a similar service, but if you have let me know. Then I thought
    that you might be referring to a novelty stationary company,
    specialising in comedy sized marker pens.

    Anyway this is actually a thinly veiled excuse to email you to say
    thanks for creating such a useful website.