Bristol University research project seeks liveaboards to interview

The University of Bristol Law School has been doing some research into the relationship between CRT and liveaboard boaters without a home mooring. Professor Dave Cowan and Barbara Hardy have interviewed a number of boaters over the past few months but they are still looking for more people to interview.

They say “We are doing some research on Continuous Cruiser Live Aboards on the Kennet and Avon, looking at what that means in practical terms, and about relationships between the boating community and the CRT, particularly around the movement requirement. We will also look at Boaters’ everyday lives and how home is perceived. The research involves interviews with Boaters first of all, and we then hope to have a discussion with the CRT. We are looking for people who can spare an hour or so of their time to talk to us about these things.

Our research is independent – we are researchers from the University of Bristol. We stress that we are working independently of the CRT and, if you choose to participate in the research, we guarantee that your participation will be both confidential and any information provided will be held anonymously so no person can be identified.

I am not a Boater, but an academic who specialises in housing research. If you would like to find out more about me, you can do so at
The research is being partly self-funded and partly funded by the UK Socio-Legal Studies Association”.

If you’re interested please contact Dave Cowan on 07967 653564 or to arrange a time and a place to meet.

Here is some more information about the project to download
Research Invitation
Research Information

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