British Waterways press release for the Lee boat clearance

Yes, mention of Sally Ash and the 1995 Act on the same piece of paper. We hear Ms Eichmann is currently undergoing flailing to ensure her place in the bunker after all the lies she has told.


British Waterways is today (18 February 2011) calling upon local authorities, residents, boaters and all who use the River Lee and River Stort Navigations and the Hertford Union Canal to comment on its proposals to introduce a new moorings management plan for the area.

The plan has been drafted in response to the increased number of boats mooring in the area – an increase of nearly 40% over the past four years.

Sally Ash, British Waterways’ Head of Boating Business, explains: “Local boaters, walkers, cyclists, anglers and residents who use the waterways in the area have been telling us for some time that the number of boats moored in this area is a problem. The new management plan is designed to address this issue and make sure that these waterways are being put to the best use for everyone who wants to enjoy them.”

To qualify for a boat licence (as laid out in the 1995 British Waterways Act) a boat must have a ‘home mooring’ – somewhere where it may lawfully be kept when not being used for cruising. An exception is made for boats which hold a ‘continuous cruiser’ licence, which requires them to genuinely move around the waterway network without mooring in any one place for more than 14 days.

Sally continues: “Some boats on our canals and rivers, and in this particular area, hold a continuous cruiser licence but are moving only limited distances, if at all, and mooring in just a few locations. Unfortunately, the 1995 Act did not define ‘place’ and therefore our enforcement team has had difficulty applying a ‘national rule’ to local circumstances.

“We think that the most appropriate way to define ‘place’ is locally, which we are doing by specifying neighbourhoods and stay limits in local moorings management plans.”

The main proposals being put forward in the plan for the River Lee and adjacent waterways are:
· designating mooring ‘neighbourhoods’ between which the boats should cruise, and where they can moor subject to time limits, encouraging boats to move along the waterways in a way that is fair to all;
· introducing daily charges when boats remain beyond the maximum time limit;
· talking to local authorities about the broad range of issues in the plan and how they might make provision for suitably located long-term moorings in the future.

Sally says: “Boaters are what bring vitality and life to our canals and rivers, and they are often the first to alert us and other authorities to problems. This plan is not about trying to reduce the number of people living on boats, it’s about ensuring fairness to everyone who wants to travel and stay in this area on a boat and achieving a balance of uses between different groups.”

The mooring proposals will be discussed during February and March 2011 with the intention of implementing the plan during the summer. Public meetings are planned for 1st March in Stanstead Abbotts Village Hall and 2nd March at Leaside Canoe Centre, Spring Hill, Hackney, both 6.30pm – 8.30pm.

To view the mooring proposals visit

The deadline for responses on the plan is Monday 4th April 2011 to

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One Response to “British Waterways press release for the Lee boat clearance”

  1. Kevin Taylor MonsterID Icon Kevin Taylor says:

    Clearly the proposed ‘zoneing’ on the River Lee and Stort can and will not be workable! Why? If just 50 boats are reqired to move from the ‘headwaters of the Lee’ and / or the Stort (ends of navigation) the only direction is South, the same applies to just 50 boats moving North from say Tottenham. To get to the ‘NEW’ zones, all boats trying to comply (as instructed by BW) with idiot ideas born of fools! 50 boats 2 by 2 using 1 lock at 20 mins per lock = 8hrs 30 mins plus the extra time needed by Widebeams, and the same is happening from the other ends of the Rivers, result is the ‘juggernaught Effect’ Rivers CLOSED, GRIDLOCK. I bet local TV and media will have a field day! Oh! but they won’t all move together I hear BW say, of course they will, they want to make a point, they will most likely move ‘en masse’ just to prove it and why not. 50 boats from each end of the Navigation/s is a very conservative estimate,more realistic number is 100 boats, the Locks will not cope and the Pounds will be short of water. The whole idea is a Crock of Poo!! Just a thought BW, why not try working WITH the Boaters?