BW Moorings Consultation announced

OK, y’all listen up.

At 6.00 on Friday 30th October, Sally Ash released details of the much changed moorings consultation. You have until 31 January 2010 to reply.

You can download it Draft Mooring Policy Consultation November 2009.

You have one chance for a real voice. If you do not respond you will not be heard. If you lose your rights to the use of the canal and you didn’t speak up in this consultation it will be too late. Make your views known now.

For the moment the document can speak for itself, we will publish comments and suggestions from our correspondents when they have had time to digest the implications.

Resources and examples will be posted on this website shortly.

On the last moorings consultation, which had some pretty draconian proposals, 8% of the response came from boaters in this area. We need to do this again. I cannot emphasise this enough. This the chance you have to make your views on mooring known to British Waterways.

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