BW pushing ahead with local mooring strategies for River Lea and other areas.

According to Sally Ash, BW is in discussion with the Lea Valley Regional Park regarding a local mooring strategy for the Lee and Stort Navigations, prior to wider public consultation. BW has tabled proposals which the Lea Valley Regional Park is considering. Ms Ash also said that she is talking with boater representatives “about the concept of individuals who are well-informed boaters and members of parish councils” with a view to finding suitable people to chair local mooring strategy steering groups independent of BW which will then go back to BW with proposals. This “concept” would appear to exclude liveaboard boaters from chairing any local mooring strategy steering group – how many people who live on their boats are also elected members of a parish council? However, it should be possible for a liveaboard boater to stand for election to a parish council. Even if you do not have an address, you can register to vote and declare a local connection to the area where you spend most of your time. This will link you to a specific electoral ward, especially if you give a mailing address when you register. Once registered to vote, you are eligible to stand for election in the parish you declared your local connection to.

See our previous article ‘Boaters – use your vote’ and downloadable electoral registration form here

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3 Responses to “BW pushing ahead with local mooring strategies for River Lea and other areas.”

  1. alec MonsterID Icon alec says:

    i spend most my time on the grand union and the thames however i also have enjoyed cruising on the lea and stort. The new proposed cruisng zones and 7 day stay rules will efectively put a stop to this.
    will i get licence fee reduction to compensate ,no.
    breathing spaces,utter nonsense this must be stopped

  2. Shary MonsterID Icon Shary says:

    As a liveaboard on the Lee I too am very concerned about the future of the rivers and boating life on them. It seems if BW get their way we will all be shunted off the cut into floating boat parks out of sight totally disregarding the value of boaters on the river. The new BW officer is slapping notices on when people are iced in, banked, informed him of illness, bad enough but the state the river is in it is barely navigable in places, in many risking damage to your boat!

  3. G. Smith MonsterID Icon G. Smith says:

    I have a local connection to Harlow and Lea and Stort, and would like my vote. I do not live aboard my boat, but cruise the area regularly, as well as fishing those stretches, and am very concerned as regards the moorings and future of these rivers.