CC Letters

In order to get a clearer picture of British Waterway’s intentions towards residential boat owners we recently made a couple of Freedom of Information Act requests about the CC series of threatening letters.

Please could you tell me what criteria British Waterways uses to decide which boats/ boat owners to issue CC1, CC2, CC2A and CC3 letters to.
Sightings are collected on a monthly basis and over a series of months the Enforcement officer will review the pattern of sightings to see if the boat is complying with the continuous cruiser guidance. If not, in some cases a patrol notice is issued onto the boat, or a CC1 letter is issued.

Please could you provide me with the text of a CC1 letter; a CC2 letter; a CC2A letter, and a CC3 letter.
Patrol Notice
CC1 Letter
CC2 Letter
CC2A Letter
CC3 Letter

Please could you tell me what other letters apart from those listed above that British Waterways issues in what it describes as the ‘continuous cruising procedure’ and provide me with the text of these letters.
Occasionally before a CC1 is issued a patrol notice would be left on the boat indicating that the boat is not continuously cruising – see copy attached. Very occasionally ad hoc letters are produced by the Enforcement team but this is usually to address a specific issue which has been raised.