Covid-19 community support for K&A liveaboards is now in action

Here is a message from Julian House Travelling Communities Support Service who are co-ordinating support to the liveaboard community between Hanham and Wootton Rivers during the coronavirus crisis. Alice Young says:

“Here is a map showing where your Community Coordinators will be coordinating practical support to boaters and their phone numbers. Check where you’re moored and note the relevant name and number.

Please respect the contact hours (10am – Midday) so we don’t overwhelm our wonderful volunteers all hours of the day and night!

Boaters – your Community Coordinators will be your first point of contact for PRACTICAL support eg shopping/prescriptions. They will manage a team of ‘Helpers’ in each zone who will respond wherever possible. Your Community Coordinators will be communicating with boats moored in their zones over the coming days to organise the best way to support you and your neighbours. They will try their best, but they cannot make any promises, so please be patient as they work as hard as they can.

For any welfare related issues please continue to contact the Julian House Team (Emily 07946 200271 and Alice 07960 097719) We are still experiencing high call volumes, but we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We appreciate there have been lots of issues with boaters feeling overwhelmed by the volume of people on the towpath. Please expect that a volunteer will be calling by to identify if you have any practical needs in the coming week.

They have been trained, will be wearing ID badges and will respect all social distancing rules. However, please expect a knock on the plank, or a call from the towpath as they make an introduction and ask if there are any support needs. Please be mindful as a Community Volunteer they will ONLY be leaving home to carry out this essential voluntary role.

If for any reason you would prefer for a volunteer not to stop, please pop a note in your window and they will be mindful to respect that.

For those boaters in marinas, we understand many are now exercising a no-visitor rule, so please call to speak to a Coordinator if needed.

Community Helpers are being trained over the next 48 hours, so please be patient if your Coordinators need a few more days to respond to your request. Please thank the Community Coordinators and Community Helpers as they have been incredible!

See also the Facebook group COVID support for K&A boaters and travellers

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