Covid-19 vaccination clinics by boat from 6th April

From Tuesday 6th April 2021, the Julian House Travelling Communities Support Service will be running Covid-19 vaccination clinics by boat. 

The floating clinic on nb Litania (which is also used for the Support Service’s Boaters’ Cafe Club) will be stopping at key locations between Darlington Wharf in Bath and Wootton Rivers at the eastern end of the Long Pound. The vaccine offered will be the Oxford-Astra Zeneca vaccine.

Liveaboard boaters who would like a Covid Vaccination can attend one of the drop-in pop up clinics on board nb Litania. The clinic locations and times will be advertised over the two week period it will take for the boat to move from Bath to Wootton Rivers.

Alice Young, co-ordinator of the Travelling Communities Support Service said:

“The purpose of the roving boat model is to offer people choice, recognising the additional challenges boaters can face when accessing health care. You can (and may have already) been invited for your vaccine by your GP or attended one of the local vaccination centres. The pop-up clinics by boat are there to ensure everyone who would like one can easily access a clinic close to where they’re moored.

There will be no pressure for anyone to have a vaccine if they do not wish to do so. The health clinicians will be respectful of personal views and beliefs at all times.

To support the initial planning efforts it would be really helpful to know what the uptake may be. We will be advertising the exact clinic locations and dates in the coming week or so, but for now a rough guide as to numbers would be really helpful. it will give the clinicians a good insight as to the potential number of vaccines to order. If you’d like to be vaccinated during the two weeks of boat clinics please can you let us know roughly where you may be”.

Contact Alice Young on 07960 097719 or or Carla Boardman on 07539 926809 or

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One Response to “Covid-19 vaccination clinics by boat from 6th April”

  1. Maria MonsterID Icon Maria says:

    Really happy to see this initiative, I live aboard s sailboat and know plenty of people within the marine community who would benefit from something like this. Great work guys