CRT chuggers at Bradford lock for Easter

CRT chuggers (“charity muggers”) are spending Easter week at Bradford lock. If you see them, you may wish to remind them how much money CRT is spending on unlawful enforcement against boat dwellers without home moorings who do comply with the law. The public might also like to know that CRT’s recent legal bill was around £1.1 million for cases in which it removed, or tried unsuccessfully to remove, people’s homes from the waterways it manages. In addition, it is not widely known that CRT is spending £500,000 on seven staff in a new project to “reduce the numbers” of live-aboard continuous cruisers.  Is this the right priority for charitable expenditure? We don’t think so, and we would prefer CRT to spend £500,000 on dredging, repairing and maintaining the Kennet and Avon canal. The chuggers will be at Bradford lock until next Wednesday.

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